Ocean Grove
Ocean Grove
The health retreat is located in OCEAN GROVE on the Bellarine Peninsular one of the Victoria’s premier surf beach resort towns.
Seascape offers more than a health retreat, detox retreat or even a weight loss retreat, it is a new way of life, a haven from the unfit or busy life you have led so far. It’s time to start anew.


Welcome to one of the best Health Retreats in Victoria, Australia

As the pace and stress of life moves on relentlessly, who hasn’t longed to take time out to rest, recuperate and rejuvenate?

Seascape Ocean Grove Health Retreat is the perfect setting for a new beginning.

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The program shows you how to nurture a vital sense of well-being. The retreat offers two programs:

5 Day Cleanse and Rejuvenate Package for detox and weight loss this option will promote long term weight loss of 3-5kgs.  *VIEW RECENT RESULTS*

3 Day Wellness Package to relax, destress, get fit and healthy.

Seascape is a boutique health retreat catering for individuals. The retreat is located on Victoria’s Bellarine Penisular and offers fully inclusive facilitated programs.

There’s great healthy food, lean protein, nuts, grains, fresh fruit and vegetables. Learn how to lose weight without having to deprive yourself, while increasing your energy levels with essential nutrition and exercise tips.

The skills, and lessons learned here can be used for life. The program has an excellent track record in helping people quit smoking. So come and retreat to the best possible regime we have to offer.

* The program is not suitable for persons with serious illness including Anorexia Nervosa or contagious viruses. For further information please contact us.

The 5 Day Cleanse and Rejuvenate Program Can Help With

Both Men and Women’s Health Cellulite/Fluid Retention
Weight Loss (3-5kg’s) Depleted energy levels
Anxiety, Stress Hormone imbalance
Liver cleanse Poor digestion/Indigestion
Irritable bowel General lethargy
Tiredness, Fatigue Candida/Thrush
High Blood Pressure Viral recovery